is the newest and best equipped Jongert 20 T of this popular range in the world. Ex- tensively refitted, modernized and maintained to an exemplary standard. She is a bulletproof blue water sailor, strong and reliable. All systems on-board are new or overhauled. Sha has all the technical necesarry systems that a couple, without a crew, can easily handle the yacht and she can easily manovered with her Follow-UP-Tiller and ZF electronic controller.

KEMMUNA has a hydraulic in-boom-furling system for main and mizzen with captive winches. The boom`s are made in Carbon (new installed 2010). The man amd mizzen mast is operated with remoote controll by push button. Reckmann hydrailic furling for genoa.

KEMMUNA´s systems on board are made for long time permanent living on board in saefty and comfort. With a full diesel tank she is easily self-sufficient for the whole year out of sea, without need of stay in marinas. The yacht spends the most time in her life on long trips around the world. From the Mediterranean See over the Atlantic in the Pacific over to Australia, New Zeeland by visiting many of the wonderful Islands in the world.
The history of KEMMUNA`s inspiring journeys is a dream for every sailor who wants to travel around the world.

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Line Drawing

Refits / Upgrades

Refit complete Struktur
Hull, Superstruktur, Mast`s, Interior

Upgrade New Main/Mizzen Carbon Booms installed

Upgrade NAV and COM
Navigation-, Communication-, Entertainment-System and LED-Light System, Galley Appliances

Upgrade Electric
Victron-Energy Battery Charger/ Inverter with max. 47.400 Watt and charging power up to 400 A
Isolation Transformer with 64A

Main Characteristics

Flag: British / Leith
Official No: 724755
Call Sign: MZEA4
MMSI: 23005330
Model: Jongert 20T, Ketch
Number: 380
Shipyard: Jongert BV, Holland
Konstruktuer: Doug Peterson
Interieur: Jongert Design Team
Hull Material: Steel 5/6 mm
Steel, Marine wood substructure
Deck: Teakdeck 20 mm
50 mm wide teak bars
Pilothouse: Steel and Teakwood
Inside Building-up: Massive Teakwood
Length: 23,55 m
Beam: 5,52 m
Draught: 3,30 m
Mast height: 27,14 m
Displacement: 65to
Year build: 1993
In Service since: 1994

Classification / Performance

KEMMUNA was until March 2014 commercially registered MCA Small Commercial Yacht code but is now privately owned. The present owner has therefore not pursued further guidance in the MCA register.

The yacht can easily be brought back to MCA Status. The next survey is then the 5 years check (with hull inspection out of the water).

Cruising7 knots (under sail and power)
Max.9 knots (under sail)

present in Palma de Mallorca,
La Lonja Marina,
1 x Master Cabin (2)
with double bed, ensuite bathroom/shower/WC
additional bed area to the rear window
Royal safe in cabinet.

1 x STB-VIP-Cabin (2-3)
with 2 bunks, ensuite bathroom/shower/WC
The bunk underneath can be converted in a double bed

1 x BB-VIP-Cabin (2-3)
with 2 bunks, ensuite bathroom/shower/WC
The bunk underneath can be converted in a double bed

1 x Crew Cabin (2)
with 2 berths, ensuite bathroom/shower/WC

on Amidship with Office/Navigation Corner

with pilot seat, desk and seat benches for 8 persons

Engine room
with sound protection

Interieur Design
Jongert Design Team
Mahogany furnishings, massive solid varnished
floor in mahagoni/teak and blue carpet
Alcantara upholstery
Alcantara ceiling panels

Galley on STB Side
SIEMENS Induction cooker
(new 2012)
7.000 Watt

SIEMENS Dishwasher
(new 2012)

SIEMENS Microwave with grill
(new 2012)

JONGERT Double sink with sprayer

SEAGULLY water filter system
separate faucet for drinking water
(new 2014)

Fridge and Freezer
2 x Grunert DC 24 Volt
with seawater pump
- to operate from UP-side

1 x Electric fridge DC 24 Volt
- to operate from Side

Washing machine
MIELE washing machine with dryer
Tankage and Bilgen
Fuel tank2.900 liter
Water tank2.500 liter
Gray Water tank700 liter
Black Water tank450 liter
Hot water heater Daalerop
running with AC 220 Volt

80 liter
Numbers of bilges: 4
Float switch on ship`s alarm panal

Bilge pumps
Central bilge system with
1 x DC 24 Volt bilge pump
1 x Steinmehl pump one main engine
Rigg and Sails

KEMMUNA`s Rigg and Sail basic`s

  • Has a hydraulic in-boom furling system for main and mizzen with captive winches
  • Masts complete refitet in 2009
  • The boom`s are made in carbon and complete new installed 2010
  • The main and mizzen is operated with a cable remote control by push button
  • Reckmann hydraulic furling for genoa
  • Sail area 250,5 m2
  • The yacht can sailed single-hand by an expiriend owner
Rig Ketch
Mast/s 2 x NIRVANA made in aluminium
2 x NIRVANA made in carbon
2 x NIRVANA captive winches in boom-furling system
Standing Rigging     NIRVANA spars
Running Rigging Varius Spectra and Dynema
Furlers 1 x RECKMAN hydraulic roller for genoa
1 x RECKMAN manual roller for staysail
Spinnaker boom 1 mounted on front of main mast
Foresail 1 Yankee 97,0 m2
1 Staysail 44,8 m2
1 Asymetric cruising spinnaker with snuffer 225 m2
Mainsail 1 fully batten mainsail 82,0 m2
Mizzen 1 fully batten mizzen sail 26,7 m2

All with Awning. Sails are new in 2006, staysail in 2011
The last sail service was in 03/2014

Lewmar self tailing winches

  • 2 x Lewmar 66 hydraulic for genoa
  • 2 x Lewmar 55 manual for staysail

  • 1 x Reckmann hydraulic furler for genoa
  • 1 x Reckmann manual furler for staysail

  • 9 x Lewmar manual in different sizes

Main engine
MERCEDES OM 427, 6 Zylinder 220 Hp (167 KW),
Displacment 14 liter
16.200 h (11/2016)

MTU Friedrichshafen
Engine Series 183
Basis: Mercedes-Benz OM 420

Engine number: 444 142 00UI - I
Max power 159KW at 1.800 rpm
Permanent power 129KW at 1.500 rpm

  • this "old fashion" mechanic diesel engine has no turbo- charger and no electronic components
  • the life circle is said with 50.000 h
  • a complete engine overhall was made at 15.000 h
  • Fuel consumption at cruise speed 10-15 liter/hr give the yacht a save range on power of 2.500 nm
  • with mechanical "Steinmehl" water pump (no impeller) - the Steinmehl water pump can be used also as mechanical engine driven permanent bilge pump and is the back-up for the electrical bilge pump
  • this diesel engine has a very strong flywheel mass, means a lot of torque to run the hydraulic bow thruster together with 2 belt driven big alternators.

  • Alternator 1 with 170 A electric load for service batteries
  • Alternator 2 with 140 A electric load for starter batteries

  • 2 x RACOR main diesel filter system
  • 2 x RACOR fine diesel filter system

  • with ZF electronic controller
  • idle speed 1.150 rpm (gives the bow thruster full power)
  • gear-in speed is 800 rpm (standard)

Engine room ventilation with

  • 1 x AC 220 Volt controlled fans air IN
  • 3 x AC 220 Volt controlled fans air OUT
  • 1 x AC 220 Volt controlled fans air CIRCULATING
  • very powerful for hottest areas

Engine intruments
Rev counter, Oil presure, Cooling water temperature, Loading control, Alarm display with tone in pilothouse

Bow thruster
25 Hp HYDROMAT tunneltyp
Hydraulic powered from main engine

Hydraulic system
DC 24 Volt electrohydraulic system
Bow thruster
Hydraulic winches
Captive winches

Generator 1
ONAN 25 KW, Model MDL6Z
5.780 h (11/2016)
Fuel consumption 4-6 liter/hr
with automatic start modus (load and voltage)
manual start modus

Generator 2
5.620 h (11/2016)
Fuel consumption 2 liter/hr

manual start modus

Electric System

KEMMUNA's Electric System Basics

  • Electric system is optimized to run most of the time on DC 24 Volt to use the power of her big 1.135 Ah service battery bank and to limit the time of use the generators.
  • The hole AC 220 Volt system (exept the hot water heater) run over different inverter`s with constant power of 23.700 Watt and provides when needed a maximum power of 47.400 Watt.
  • Allowed the yacht to use marinas were shore power is very limited.
  • Also it protects generally the hole electric system from electric power spikes/drops.
  • To protect on top all the necessary DC 24 Volt equipment (and some DC 12 Volt navigation systems) from electric power spiks/drops DC-DC converters with galvanic isolation are installed.
  • AC 220 Volt is only needed for battery charger and hot water heather.
  • The ONAN 25 KW generator can run all the AC 220 Volt systems together and can set in automatic start modus (load and voltage) or in manual start modus
  • The ONAN 8 KW generator is normally used to charge the batteries and when only limited AC 220 Volt powers is needed. The ONAN 8 KW Generator is also the back-up AC 220 Volt system.
  • When the Yacht is under way and used in "sailing mode" or "at anchor" normally needs per day (24h) 3-4h the generator to run all the systems (without air condition).
  • When the Yacht is under way and used in "Power mode" or "Iron sailing mode" (engine and sails) and the battery banks are fully charged, is normally no need to run the Generator. The 2 alternators provide enough Amp`s to run all the systems and hold the battery banks are fully charged (without air condition).

AC = 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 1 Phase
DC = 24 Volt
DC = 12 Volt (some navigation equipment)

Shore Power
AC 220 Volt, 50 A single socket, single phase

Isolation Transformer
2 x VICTRON ENERGY Isolation Transformers 32 A
(new 2014)

  • parallel installed, gives 64 A total power
  • for safety and prevention galvanic corrosion
  • with soft start function
Battery Charger/Inverter 1 / Fast AC/DC Switch
VICTRON ENERGY Quattro 24/8000/200-100/100
(new 2014)

  • parallel installed, gives
  • constant Inverter power 16.000 Watt
  • maximum Inverter power 32.000 Watt
  • charging power for the servive batteries, up to 400
    (limited on KEMMUNA to 200 A, to protect the batteries)
  • charing power for the starter batteries 8 A

with Controller
VICTRON ENERGY Digital Multi Control 200/200A
(new 2014)

  • to regulate the maximal Shore power or Generator power use

Inverter 2
VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix Inverter C24/3000
(new 2012)

  • constant Inverter power 3.000 Watt
  • maximum Inverter power 6.000 Watt
  • separate in engine room for the AC 220 Volt engine room fans and 4 x engine room sockets / gives a redundancy

Inverter 3
VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix Inverter Compact C24/1600
(new 2014)

  • constant Inverter power 1.600 Watt
  • maximum Inverter power 3.000 Watt
  • separate for the NAV-corner equipment

Inverter 4 and 5
2 x VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix Inverter 24/1200
(new 2012)

  • constant Inverter power 2 x 1.200 Watt
  • maximum Inverter power 2 x 2.400 Watt
  • separate for AC 220 Volt Samsung TV`s and Blu-Ray Player allows the use when Shore power is off and no generator is running / most in mooring mode.

Inverter 6 and 7
4 x VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix Inverter 24/350
(new 2012)

  • constant Inverter power 2 x 350 Watt
  • maximum Inverter power 2 x 700 Watt - separate for the NAV-corner equipment / gives a redundancy

(new 2014)

Battery Monitor
2 x VICTRON ENERGY Battery Monitor BMV-702
(new 2014)

  • connected to VICTRON ENERGY Color Control GX

Alarm Panel
3 x VICTRON ENERGY Battery Alarm
(new 2012)

  • Service batteries
  • Starter batteries
  • Emergency battery

Battery Charger
VICTRON ENERGY Centaur 12/20

  • charging power Batteriy 20 A
  • to charge the 60 Ah / 12 Volt battery from the ONAN 8 KW small genereator

Battery to Battery Charger
STERLING POWER 50A ,24 Volt to 12 Volt

  • to charge the 140 Ah / 12 Volt emergency battery

Various DC-DC Isolation Transformer

  • with galvanic separation
1.135 Ah / 24 Volt Service Batteries / C10 Capacity
with 12 x EXIDE/SONNENSCHEIN 2 Volt gel cells
(new 2013)

320 Ah / 24 Volt Starter Batteries
(new 2012)

140 Ah / 12 Volt Emergency Battery
(new 2012) for VHF radio, 2nd GPS and engine room light

60 Ah / 12 Volt Starter Battery
(new 2014)
for ONAN 8 KW generator

The main engine and ONAN 25 KW generator using the same 320 Ah / 24 Volt starter batteries

All bateries with main switches

170 Ah alternator for service batteries
140 Ah BALMAR alternator for starter batteries

This 2 alternators have a control
that the 140 Ah starter battery alternator provide his charging current to the service battries when the starter batteries are fully loaded.

This gives the system the maximum output when the yacht is on the way under engine.
Light System
KEMMUNAs light system is in DC 24 Volt and was in 2012 complete changed with modern LED components - except the NAV-light`s.

Therefore also installed DC-DC 24 Volt stabilisers to protect the light system from electric power spikes/drops (this is a must have for LED lights)

The LED system in the Saloon, Master Cabin, STB-VIP Cabin, BB-VIP Cabin and Pilothouse is a multi colour LED system, who gives a wide rang of light adjustments.

For information
The engine room LED Lights are separate connected to the emergency battery
Navigation Equipment
Generally - Pilothouse

B&G HYDRA 2 (electonic)
SESTREL MORE (magnetic)

Solid State Compass Sensor
B&G HALYCON 35 Fluxgate compass




The B&G HYDRA 2 System
1) has a 2nd display in the Nav-corner
2) and a 3rd display in the Crew cabin.

Rudder Indicator


Steering modes
1) with Follow-Up Tiller
- makes stearing the yacht very comfortable
2) Magnet Compass
3) Solis State Sensor Compass 4) Wind
- ideal on long distance cruises

to 1) SEGATRON Follow-Up Tiller

to 2) SESTREL MORE (magnetic) Compass
to 3) MARETRON SSC200 Solid State Sensor Compass to
4) B&G HYDRA 2

Compressor Horn for maritime ship Signals on mizzen mast

RAYMARINE RAY 430 Loud-Hailer
- can be used as alternative for maritime ship signals as well - and to communicate with crew during anchoring

Master Navigation System 1 - Pilothouse

GPS and Plotter
RAYMARINE G-Series (new 2012) with
1) GPM 400 Processor
2) RA 3048SHD Digital Super HD Radar 4 ́with 12 kW
3) DSM 300 Digital Fishfinder / Depth and Sonar with 1.000 Watt power
4) Raystar 125 GPS Plus
5) 1 x i70 Instrument Display
6) G170 LCD Monitor
7) Command Keyboard / wired
8) Alarm Output interface
9) separate fans for colling
10) EVO 1 Solid State Sensor Compass (new 2015)
     - 9-axis sensor precision monitoring of pitch, roll, yaw and heading
     - No lengthy calibration procedures to perform.
     - No compass calibration required

Master Navigation System 1 - NAV-corner

RAYMARINE E-Series 140 (new 2012) with
1) Multifunctionsdisplay
2) 3 x i70 Instrument Display

Navigation System 2 - Nav-corner

FURUNO GP-33 GPS Navigator
with separate FURUNO GPS antenna

Solid State Sensor Compass

NAV Marine PC - designed for 24/7 continuous use
(new 2013),
24 Volt, without fans, Windows 7

SIEMENS 19 - designed for 24/7 continuous use (new 2013),
24 Volt, aluminium frame (heavy duty)

waterproof with illuminated keys / wired

Professional system
- you carry on a sparate DVD all global nautical charts
- Mediterranean see west charts are enabled
- Unlock codes for the rest of the world required

Navigation System 2 - Pilothouse

SIEMENS 19 - designed for 24/7 continuous use (new 2013),
24 Volt, aluminium frame (heavy duty)

waterproof with illuminated keys / wired

The Navigation System 2
- mirrors all datas and can be used from the Navi-corner or from the pilothouse

For information
The FURUNO GP-33 GPS Navigator and FURUNO GPS sensor is separate connected to the emergency battery

Navigation System 3 ( Back-UP) - Pilothouse

MARETRON DSM200 Multi-function Color Graphic Display


Solid State Sensor Compass

Alarm Module

This system is in use
- as anchor watch system and has a very low powers consumption during the night - and can be easily extended
- provide simple calibrating the Solid State Sensor MARETRON SSC200 in use with the SEGATRON B autopilot

Back UP Navigation System 4 (Back-UP) - Pilothouse

GPS and Display
LEICA MK 12 Professional Navigator
with separate GPS antenna

For information

1) All of KEMMUNA ́s 4 navigation systems are separatly installed, not connected to each other and has separate power lines.

2) The FURUNO GP-33 GPS Navigator and FURUNO GPS sensor is for saefty reasons also separate connected to the emergency battery

MacMurdo Navtex
(new 2013)
Color Display
simultaneous receiving of all frequencies

1 x electronic Marine Baromether
on the companionway
- with alarm function

2 x WEMPE analog Baromether
in saloon and master cabin
Communication Equipment


Inmarsat 1
SAILOR Fleet Broadband 150
  • fixed installation
  • 2 x Voice
  • 1 x Data
  • 1st Telephone in Nav-Corner (master)
  • 2nd VERSHOVEN waterproff outdoor Telephone in Pilothouse
with SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel in Pilothouse
When you push the "alarm" button you got in 5 seconds
a respond on the phone from the next
MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center)
- a perfect saefty feature

  • COM Marine PC - designed for 24/7 continuous use
    (new 2013)
  • 24 Volt, without fans, Windows 7
  • SIEMENS 19 - designed for 24/7 continuous use
    (new 2013),
  • 24 Volt, aluminium frame (heavy duty)
  • waterproof with illuminated keys / wired
Professional weather system
  • worldwide use
  • Unlock codes required
and in use for email and internet at sea (over satelite)

HF/MF Radio
  • 150 watt
  • connected to FURUNO GPS antenna

VHF Radio
  • RAYMARINE RAY218E DSC VHF Radio, Europe
  • 25 watt
  • 2nd station in Nav-corner
  • is separate connected to the emergency battery
Handheld VHF Radios
  • 3 x SIMRAD HT 50
  • 5 watt
  • with 3 x express charger
RAYMARINE AIS650 – Class B AIS Transceiver
  • connected to separate Raystar 125 GPS antenna
Inmarsat 2
Isatphone Pro with Dockingstation
  • Handy
  • connected to separate satelite antenna
  • 1 x Voice
  • 1 x Data - can be easily taken in a emergency situation
  • and to communicate with crew during anchoring
Kemmuna has on Bow and Stern 2 Wifi repeater who are connected to a Router in Saloon

Router is connected to
Wifi-Antenna (installed on main mast) or switched G3-Antenna (installed on main mast)
Entertainment Equipment
KVH TrakVision M7 GyroTrac
(new 2013)
with automatic Skew Control
with GyroTrac Sensor
and Advanced Digital Control Unit (ADCU)

GLOMEX terestic-antenna for digital TV-signals
(new 2012)
on top main mast installed

Radio System

with multiswich to connect 6 TV`s
all AC 220 Volt TV`s installed over Inverter

Master Cabin
SAMSUNG Blue Ray Player
Radio with CD-Player and 2 Loudspeaker

SAMSUNG Blue Ray Player

ALPHATRONICS 24" LED TV with built-in DVD Player
Radio with CD-Player and 2 Loudspeaker

with built-in DVD Player
Radio with CD-Player and 2 Loudspeaker

with built-in DVD Player

with Internet Connection and HD recording


8 x 50 Watt Amplifier
connected to
2 x waterfproof Loudspeaker Saloon front
2 x waterfproof Loudspeaker Saloon back
2 x waterfproof Loudspeaker Pilothouse
2 x waterfproof Loudspeaker Stern

AQVOX Digital-Analog Converter 2 D/A MKII
connected to Amplifier
This D/A Converter can get different input signals
USB, Cinch, SPDIF, COAX, TOSlink, AES/EBU, etc.
- and is connected via AppleTV to KEMMUA`s WiFi-network
- present in use with owners iTunes Music library
Auxiliary Equipment
HEM 180 liter/hr with flush back
running with AC 220 Volt

Air Condition
36.000 Btu MARINE AIR MCW Single Compressor
reverse cycle for cooling and heating
running with AC 220 Volt
(new seawater pump 08/2015)

2 x Webasto EVO 5000 Marine Air Diesel heater
running with DC 24 Volt
- 1 heating circle is for the Master Cabin and Galley
- 1 heating circle is for the rest of the Yacht
- with electronic controller and temperature sensors
- Diesel consumption 0,3 - 0,7 liter/h

Gray- and Blackwater
Headhunter Tank Sentry System
2 x Headhunter Tank Sentry Fluid Level Monitors
2 x Mako 1 Sewage Pumps (34 l/minute)
running on DC 24 Volt
(Installed with 3-way-valves for redundancy)

Remote Panel with LED signal and
alarm buzzer on the side from electric panel/galley

the Headhunter System run complete in
automatic modus (if necessary in manual)
- Tanks get pumpt out by reaching al level of 80%
- Tank pumps stops automatically by reachaing a level of 20 %
- All tank levels can changed in the set-up
- alarm modul in engine room
- remote alarm modul at the main control panel
- with 30-minutes-timer, to protect the pump`s from
  overheating when a "auto-off" failer consists
Deck Equipment
1 x CQR with 50 kg
1 x CQR with 44 kg

1 x CQR with 44 kg as stern anchor

Lewmar 3000
- with 100m 16mm anchor chain
- with anchor chain looker
- with cypsi

Lewmar Anchor Control System
- 1 x fix in Pilothouse with deph display
- 2 x with remote control with deph display
- 1 x cable remote control
- 1 x push button on deck

2 x Lewmar
installed STB and BB at bow for mooring lines

For information
for pulling the yacht back in the mooring, use the
2 x Lewmar 66 hydraulic winches on stern

Stern Bathing platform and Stern Gangway
  • with folding stairway to water level platform at stern
  • the stern platform is also in use tender storage
  • as crane for the tender is the miizen mast boom in use
Bathing ladder
steel boarding ladder at STB or BB midship

Deck shower
hot and cold

Deck wash system
1 x stainless steel roller with 25 m tube
installed fix on stern with sweet water

1 x on bow with salt water
Safety Equipment
Life raft
1 x All Ocean, categorie A for 12 pax
(new 2012)
with hydrostatic reliase, fix installed on deck

2 x Jon Boy, Man over board recovery system

Life jacket
15 x Self Inflating, 275 N, with life line
(new 2012)

2 x McMurdo with GPS
(new 2012)
with hydrostatic reliase, fix installed on deck

10 x Smoke detector in all compartments
(new 2012)
system Smoke and Head detector in engine room

Fire extinguishers
Seafire System in Engine room
(new 2012)
- with automatic and manuel activation

10 x Dry powder Fire extinguishers in all cabins
(new 2014)

Smoke Detector
in all Compartments

Smoke and heat Detector

Engine room

Tender 1 - AB Inflatable, Profile A 11, Commercial Series
(new 2014)
- Dimension 3,60m x 1,70m
- Aluminium hull
- Tubes in grey with 1.640 dtec (Standard is 1.100 dtec)
- with self drain system
- with bow looker, inside is the 24 liter tank,
  the starter battery and the battery charger installed
- with alumimium box (Zarges) as individual seat bench (very comfortable)
- with removable NAV-light

Evinrude eTec 30 Hp outboard engine
(new 2014)
- with electric starter, trim and tilt
- with stainless steel Prop deflector
- with hydrofoil

The tender can easily lifted to KEMMUNA`s stern bathing platform with the mizzen boom, is for his dimensions very light and runs more than 25 knots. The installed Hydrofoil brings the tender fast to slide.

Tender fuel
2 x stainless steel 20 liter canister with pressure valve
- fix installed on deck/reling
- with navy blue cover

Tender 2 – Quick Inflatable, lightweight

(new 2015)
- Dimension 2,20m x 1,40m
- inflatable bottom
- only 32 kg weight
- Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard engine
  the power is equal to a 3 PS outboard engine

The tender can easily lifted on board by hand, or with KEMMUNA`s winches. The tender ist stored on the roof of the pilothouse. It is ideal for 2 persons for short distances.
Pilothouse, Saloon
Main/Mizzen Mast

Moon Dust from Alwgrip (standard color)
Code G6004

Flag Blue from Alwgrip (standard color)
Code G5002

Engine Room
Cloud White from Alwgrip (standard color)
Code G8089
Refits and Upgrades


  • New installed Lewmar 3000 anchor winch
  • New installed Lewmar anchor chain
  • New installed ONAN 8 KW generator


  • ONAN 25 KW generator complete overall


    Complete refit by Wayfarer Marine in Camden-Main/USA
  • Sandblast of hull and superstructure
  • New paint of hull and superstructure and mast
  • New teak deck
  • Complete interior varnishing
  • New carpentry (Volume 1,5 Mio. US$)


  • Main/Mizzen mast`s complete refitted


    Upgrade New Main/Mizzen carbon booms installed with captive winches and cable remote control
    (Volume 300.000 US$)


  • Air Condition complete refitted Refrigeration complete refitted


    Complete Upgrade NAV, COM and Control System`s
  • New navigation system`s
  • New communication system`s
  • New ZF electronic controller for engine
  • New autopilot Follow-UP-Tiller
  • New satellite TV-system with 6 LED-TV`s
  • New entertainment system with 8 loudspeakers
  • New installed LED light system in complete yacht
  • New galley equipment (Induction oven, microwave/grill, dishwasher)
  • New Headhunter Black- and Greywater system
  • New liferaft for 12 persons
  • New life wests for 15 persons 2 x
  • New McMurdo EPIRB
  • New Seafire system in engine room
  • New service batteries
  • New starter batteries
  • New emergency battery
  • New pilothouse bimini


  • New AB tender and Evinrude outboard engine
  • New stainless steel 20l fuel canister (tender)
  • 10 x New fire extinguishers
  • New Seagully water filter system in galley
  • New BBQ
  • New starter battery ONAN 8 KW generator


    Complete Upgrade Electric
    New Victron-Energy Battery charger/Inverter/fast AC-DC Switch system
    with max. 47.400 Watt inverter power
    and with max. 400 A Battery charging power
    New Isolation Transformer with max. 64 A total power

    with Color Control Monitor, Remote and Alarm panel
  • New Balmar alternator 140Ah
  • Upgrade Raymarine Master Navigation
    System with New ERV 1 Gyro compass
    (9 axis sensor with self calibration)
  • New installed 14 fans (DC 24 Volt) for constant air
    circulation in the yacht for cooling without
    the need of air condition


  • New installed Lewmar anchor system with display
    fixed station and 2 x remote controls
  • New Maretron Display, GPS and Solid State Sensor
  • New Anchor ligt on mizzen mast
  • New 30-Minutes-timer on Grey- and Blackwaterpump
  • Complete overhall 2 x Webasto marine air heather
  • New AC 220 Volt Seawater Pump
  • New Quick lightweight tender


  • Interior completely refreshed with “Schleierfrei”
    (product remove scratches, freshens up and sealed
    all wooden surfaces)
  • New Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard engine
    the power is equal to a 3 PS outboard engine
  • New Ultrasonic speed sensor, to use instead the
    mechanical paddel whell for the B&G HYDRA system
    (for optional use)
  • New Samsung LED-TV (32) in Pilothouse with
    Internet connection and hard disc recording

KEMMUNA has from 2008 until End of 2016 Refit`s and Upgrades with a volume of 2.000.000 €, to keep her in the present condition.